Briette Peterson was born and raised in San Diego, California, where she thrived on creative writing, singing, sports, and dance. She was blessed to be born the last of eight children and thoroughly enjoyed singing publicly, competing in basketball, and performing with all six of her sisters throughout her life. Her large talented family provided an atmosphere where her love of education, music, and sports, flourished.

Briette started participating in vocal recording sessions, at the age of 16, which captured her delight from the moment she put on her first headset. Her studio involvements eventually lead her to begin recording her own Debut Album, released in 2011. Additionally, to her delight, she was selected to be a featured vocalist on the album, “An Angel to Watch Over Me,” produced by Covenant Communications Inc. The Album is a musical tribute to mothers and features, “I’ve Waited All My Life For This,” one of the songs on her debut album.

She married the love of her life, Brett Peterson, in May of 2004. Brett and Briette make their home in Southern California, where they love making memories with their 5 awesome children.

In August of 2006 Briette graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University majoring in Marriage, Family and Human Development. In July of 2011 she graduated with a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Digital Teaching and Learning. She enjoys education and regards it as a lifes pursuit.

Her educational journey, bubbly disposition, and love of life have set her apart and given her a unique opportunity to educate future generations. She loves sharing the joy that education can bring to others through creative writing, music and performance opportunities. She feels privileged to educate the future.